Viotek GN34CB Review

Viotek GN34CB Review - Quick Verdict

Being a 34″ curved QHD monitor, the Viotek GN34CB is a solid display that shines in color accuracy, contrast, and even in viewing angles (despite the VA panel). Made for gamers, this display does a neat job in reducing motion blurs and ghosting. If you’re looking for an affordable curved QHD display for gaming, this model could be a bang for your buck.

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Value for Money

Viotek has been making some waves in the monitor market, and that’s not without reason. They have been giving us some impressive displays without breaking the bank. In this Viotek GN34CB review, we are analyzing this new 1440p monitor that announces itself as a business monitor.

Though the monitor has the business stamp all over it, the display is not only for business users. It is also a pretty good fit for gamers as well. In fact, the Viotek GN34CB model comes with specific features that can only be used by gamers. For a monitor like this, you will have to spend a fortune, but Viotek offers this at an affordable price. How well does this monitor perform? Let’s find out.


The Viotek GN34CB is one of the most beautiful curved screen monitors you will find. The monitor comes with a lovely shade of gray all over the body which gives this matte blackish finish. The color will fit in any room as its just a variation of gray.

The first thing you are going to notice is the almost bezel-less display. You have super-thin bezels on both sides with the bottom bezel being slightly more prominent in comparison. You won’t find any buttons on the front which keeps the front face free of distractions. The buttons are located at the bottom of the screen, and you can use to fine tune the display.

If you fancy mounting your monitor on the wall, then the Viotek GN34CB is all set for it. The display comes with VESA mount capability and is easy to install it on the wall.

The stand we have here is a solid one. It has a good weight and keeps the monitor in its place. While the stand is sturdy, it does lack some features you might expect. There is no height adjustment or pivot or swivel which might be a bit disappointing if you don’t have the right setup in front of you. Other this minor gripe, the monitor’s design is pretty impressive, to say the least.

Features and Performance

The Viotek GN34CB is a 34″ ultra-wide Quad-HD monitor that comes with a resolution of 3440 x 1440p which has a native aspect ratio of 21:9. This aspect ratio is excellent for consuming movies and other digital content. Not to mention that gaming will be a pleasure, thanks to the widescreen and the QHD resolution.

The monitor does not get very bright, but since you’re going to stay indoors, for the most part, that should be fine. The panel we have here is a VA panel. While a VA is not superior to an IPS panel, it still brings in good color reproduction and offers a neat viewing angle as well. The panel is also one of the main reasons why the monitor is priced so competitively.

The panel comes with support for 115% of the sRGB and 85% of the NTSC color spectrum. Though not perfect, you can work on images and videos, thanks to the color accuracy on this monitor. The dynamic contrast ratio (1000000:1) also makes sure that there is a good contrast in the picture. You get to see some deep blacks which is impressive for a monitor at this price range.

The Viotek GN34CB monitor comes with a 144Hz refresh rate. This refresh rate is way better than your 60Hz monitors and offers many advantages. For one, the picture is smooth. If you are a gamer, you will definitely appreciate this refresh rate and what it does to your gaming experience. The refresh rate also makes sure that even the simplest interaction with UI elements is smooth and feels like gliding.

Viotek GN34CB display

The response time of 4ms is actually not that great. We’ve seen many monitors with a less expensive price tag come with better response times. However, the performance of the display is not affected by the relatively slow response times. In fact, having a VA panel with a 4ms response time is better than a TN panel with 1ms response time.

The Viotek GN34CB does come with in-built speakers. It sounds decent for a monitor speaker. But if you are serious about your media consumption or gaming, then we advise you to get speakers that sound better.

The monitor offers support to AMD’s FreeSync technology. The FreeSync technology makes sure that the frame rate of the monitor syncs with that of the graphics card. This feature offers a seamless gaming experience and eliminates any latency that is present. If you are a serious gamer, this feature will make a good impact on your gaming.

WIth the low blue light feature, the monitor controls blue light emission. This is great for your eyes. There is also a flicker-free technology which eliminates any flicker on the screen. Both these features are great for your eyes and will not hurt them even after long gaming sessions.


There are quite a few connectivity options on the Viotek GN34CB display. There is a DVI port, a DisplayPort 1.2, and also an HDMI port 1.4 which are perfect for connecting this display to your computer or gaming console. There are no complaints regarding connectivity.

Viotek GN34CB Review – Our Verdict

The Viotek GN34CB is a 34″ ultrawide QHD monitor that comes with a sweet price tag. The curved display provides a pleasant viewing experience along with the 1440p resolution. Features like low blue light emission and flicker-free technology look for the users as well. If you are a serious gamer looking for a solid QHD display, then this one should be a good choice.

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