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Are You Getting Carpal Tunnel From Video Games? – Jun 2023

Are You Getting Carpal Tunnel From Video Games

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sure does sound like a strange condition. And unlike what you might think, this condition has absolutely nothing to do with the tunnels we occasionally drive through on long roundtrips.

It has nothing to do with your location nor with the things you see.

Carpet Tunnel Syndrome or CTS occurs when the ‘tunnel’ of ligaments and bones in your wrist has narrowed.
The cluster of ligaments and bones in this narrow region causes nerves to get pinched. You may experience several symptoms like a tingly feeling, hand numbness and more. This doesn’t seem serious until it is time to give it you’re all on your favorite video game. This condition can restrict hand and wrist movement and can cause a lot of pain leaving you unable to enjoy gaming to the fullest.