LG 27UK650-W Review

LG 27UK650-W Review - Quick Verdict

The LG 27UK650-W is a solid 4K monitor that comes with an IPS panel and HDR capabilities making it an excellent choice for gaming. The monitor has been the number one choice of so many gamers, thanks to the value the display provides for the price. If you’re a serious gamer looking for a display that’ll keep your gaming in point, then this LG 27UK650-W model is a very good choice.

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Finding a solid 4K gaming monitor is going to be a challenge, thanks to the number of options you have right now. LG is one of the leaders when it comes to making excellent displays, and the LG 27UK650-W model is no different when it comes to display quality.

In this LG 27UK650-W review, we are going to take a look at this new 4K display that promises to be an excellent UHD display. With a ton of features, the monitor is targeted at high-end gamers who need an excellent display. How good is the LG 27UK650-W? How does the everyday performance fare? Let’s find out.

lg 27uk650-w gaming monitor


The LG 27UK650-W is one of the most beautiful monitors out there. On first look, you can see that this monitor is a premium device and that’s because of the construction and the materials used. The premium feel of the display can also be attributed to the same fact.

The LG 27UK650-W comes with a very thin bezel which makes up for a modern look. One of the reasons why this monitor looks so premium is because of this thin bezel. It improves the viewing experience and makes your gaming experience more immersive.

The stand here is made of aluminum. It is a sturdy one and is pretty good at what it does. You can swivel the display to left or right without any issues. The monitor can also be tilted to the front or back to suit your needs. Another nice option here is that you can pivot the display into a vertical one. This position can be great for coding and other purposes. You can also adjust the height of the display which is not something you get on a lot of monitors.

The monitor can be mounted on the wall to a 100 x 100 VESA armature. If that’s what you desire, then nothing is stopping you. The monitor fits in nicely in any room, thanks to its matte black front. Not many are going to notice the white back immediately so there is no problem of not fitting in. Overall, the LG 27UK650-W has excellent design and will be a good fit in any room.

LG 27UK650-W Performance

The LG 27UK650-W comes with a factory-calibrated panel which is pretty good in terms of a basic color profile. The 27-inch display comes with a 4K resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate which excellent value for the price. The monitor is filled with pixels so you can see a ton of details when you do 4K gaming on this display.

The display also sports a 5ms response time, a 1000:1 contrast ratio, and a pre-calibrated 99% sRGB color gamut which is excellent for color accuracy and for outputting vibrant colors.

The IPS panel on this display is one of the best out there. The sRGB color gamut gives you great performance in terms of color accuracy making this one of the best displays for working on videos and photos. If you’re a gamer who likes vibrant colors on display, then this monitor won’t disappoint you. The average deltaE value also stays withing 1.79 which is great.

Though the monitor has a static contrast ratio of 1000: 1 on paper, it averages at around 800:1 on real-life usage with a brightness of 50%. While this is not that bad, increasing the brightness might not be a great idea for long-term usage. The good thing here is that the monitor can get very bright, so 50% is a pretty good place to be at. If you find that gamma is a bit too much, you can always adjust it using the on-screen display.

The IPS panel and the color consistency of this display are excellent when you keep the brightness below 50%. You can see that the illumination doesn’t go over 12% on the corners of the screen. But the deltaE value can go up to 8.2 at a 100% brightness which is not desirable at all. This is a big problem and is one of the biggest cons of this model.

The LG 27UK650-W monitor is compatible with HDR10 which is great as you now have more HDR10 content than ever before. If you run a piece of HDR10 content, the monitor will pick up the signal and automatically switch mode to play the HDR content. In this mode, you can find more vibrant colors and a pop that is missing in the normal mode. So if love watching HDR content, this monitor can make the experience only better.

lg 27uk650-w monitor

Gaming on the LG 27UK650-W

The LG 27UK650-W comes with a response time of 5ms. For an IPS panel of this quality, 5ms is pretty good response time. You can see that there is a little bit of motion blurring on the display when a lot is happening on the screen, but most of the times you’re good to go. You can counter this problem by setting the overdrive feature to its fastest setting.

When you’re playing a graphically intensive game, then you’ll see that there is no stutter in the gameplay, thanks to the excellent panel. HDR gaming on this display is also a cool experience. Not all titles are HDR compatible, but the ones that are, offer some amazing moments.

The only limitation during gaming is the 60Hz refresh rate. Unfortunately, there is no 4K display that has a better refresh rate. If you’re used to QHD displays with better refresh rates, then you’re going to feel you’ve downgraded. But the vibrant colors and the HDR performance of this display makes up for it.

The LG 27UK650-W is also AMD FreeSync compatible as well. The FreeSync matches the refresh rate of your display with that of your GPU. It is handy in reducing stutters and improving the fluidity in games.


The LG 27UK650-W is a bit limited when it comes to connectivity. The monitor comes with one DisplayPort 1.2 and a couple of HDMI 2.0 slots for video input. There is a 3.5mm audio jack as well. When you pose as an excellent 4K gaming monitor, you should be able to provide more connectivity options than what you see here.


The LG 27UK650-W is one of the best 5K displays out there for the price. You’d be hard-pressed to find a monitor that gives you this much value for the same price. When you turn on the monitor and take a look at the display quality, you can see why it is better than its competitors. If you’re searching for a monitor that is 4K, can handle HDR content, and is an excellent media consumption device, then the LG 27UK650-W is an excellent choice.

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