LG 24UD58-B Review – Solid 4K Monitor!

LG 24UD58-B Review - Quick Verdict

The LG 24UD58-B is a 24″ 4K gaming monitor that comes with a bunch of features squeezed into it. With a maximum brightness of 250 nits and a response time of 5ms, this monitor does a pretty good job when it comes to gaming and media consumption. Features such as AMD FreeSync and Black stabilizer come in handy as well. If you’re going for a 4K display that has minimum ghosting issues, then this one here is a good pick.

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Okay, you have bought all your hardware for your gaming machine. You’re now looking for an excellent 4K gaming monitor so that you can go out all guns blazing. But wait. There’re tons of options out there. How do you know which one gives you the best value for the buck?

In this LG 24UD58-B review, we discuss this 4K gaming monitor from the house of LG which has made so many excellent displays for gaming. The LG 24UD58-B does come with a lot of useful features. Some are necessary while others may be regarded as bells and whistles. Are they worth your money? Let’s find that out.


LG 24UD58-B design

LG loves to make products with great design. That spirit doesn’t go anywhere when it comes to the LG 24UD58-B gaming monitor. The monitor comes with a neat black finish which is pleasing to the eyes. Another added benefit with this black color is the stealthy look which will fit in any room nicely.

The stand here is made of aluminum and is U-shaped. It is a sturdy stand and does a good job without causing any wobbles. One good thing here is that you can adjust the height of the monitor to suit your needs. It is such a small feature but so many models these do not come with the height adjustment feature. You can also tilt the display front and back to a certain degree.

However, you can’t swivel or pivot the display which can be disappointing to some.

With dimensions of 21.8 x 8 x 16.6 inches, the gaming monitor weighs about 8.8 pounds. This is not that heavy, but you may want to avoid moving it a lot.

The LG 24UD58-B is VESA compatible. You can use the four holes at the back, remove the stand, and mount the display on the wall as per your needs. Designwise, the monitor passes with flying colors.

LG 24UD58-B Specs

The LG 24UD58-B gaming monitor is a 24″ LED-backlit display that comes with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. This is 4K resolution and is a gem when you want to do some 4K gaming.

The monitor can get pretty bright at 250 nits which is not that bad at this price point. You get a native aspect ratio of 16:9 which is great for work and media consumption. However, recent content makers have moved towards 2:1 which is perfect for more modern displays.

The display covers 72% of the sRGB color gamut and has a refresh rate of 60Hz which is quite common in monitors these days. If you’re concerned about the color accuracy of the display, it is near perfect for content consumption and gaming. However, doing professional color correction and other color-oriented work might not be a great idea on this display, though possible.

One of the good things about this display is that it is an IPS panel. With an IPS panel, you get a lot of advantages, and you get all of them here as well. The viewing angle is fantastic at 178 degrees. You can stand at any corner of the room, and you’ll see the same image without losing any of the details in color.

Gaming on the LG 24UD58-B

The LG 24UD58-B is advertised as a gaming monitor, and it does a pretty good job at that. If you have the hardware for 4K gaming set, then you’re going to have a hell of a gaming experience.

The display packs 8.3 million pixels which give you excellent clarity when gaming. You can notice even the tiniest details on the screen so that you don’t get caught off guard. This is especially true in games like World of Warcraft where a lot is happening on the screen at a given time.

The display comes with a response time of 5ms which is not that great. But this is an IPS panel, and we all know that 5ms in an IPS panel is better than 2ms in a TN panel. If you’re into faced paced games like racing, this response time does a neat job in reducing motion blur and ghosting.

The LG 24UD58-B comes with support for AMD FreeSync technology. What this does is that it matched the refresh rate of the GPU and the display. When correctly done, you can prevent any kind of tearing on the screen which is excellent for gaming.

One common question we’ve heard so far is what the LG 24UD58-B FreeSync range is?

Usually, LG 24UD58-B’s FreeSync range is between 40Hz and 60Hz. You can increase this with the help of a custom resolution utility. To make use of AMD FreeSync, you need a graphics card that supports it.

Being a gaming monitor, the LG 24UD58-B comes with three game modes that can be utilized by the players. There are two first-person shooter mode and an RTS mode. These modes give you more choices when playing your favorite games.

There is also a black stabilizer feature which improves the details in a dark scene. At first, we thought that this couldn’t be that good, but in reality, it works. There is also a dynamic action sync feature that improves the fluidity of your game.

Other Stuff

Besides gaming, the LG 24UD58-B is also great as a second monitor. If you already have a 4k display and are looking for an additional 4K display, this one is a good choice.

Most people have also had a good experience with laptops like MacBook Pro. You can connect your MacBook Pro to this LG 24UD58-B display with the display port and enjoy browsing MacOS on a bigger screen.

How good is the audio on the LG 24UD58-B?

It is not great. The speakers are integrated ones, and they don’t sound that great. You should already be having your sound system up and running. We suggest you continue with that.

LG 24UD58-B Connectivity

LG 24UD58-B connectivity

When it comes to connectivity, the LG 24UD58-B comes with a couple of HDMI ports which are great for quick connectivity. The monitor also comes with a display port as well.

One thing that’ll bug you is the omission of USB ports and DVI ports. Some graphics cards will only support DVI ports, and if that’s the case, then you should find suitable adapters which only increases the clutter.


That’s the end of this LG 24UD58-B review, and it’s time for our verdict. This LG display is an excellent panel that comes with 4K resolution and a variety of features that are great for gamers and regular users alike. With 8.3 million pixels crammed in, you will see every single detail you ever wished you could see.

With features like AMD FreeSync, Black stabilizer, Dynamic action sync, and game modes, this monitor is great for gaming. Yes, there are a few minor hiccups, but you can remove them after spending some time with the settings. Overall, an impressive 4K gaming monitor that is worth the price.

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