Best Heated Lumbar Support for Office Chair – Jul 2024

Lots of adults and especially seniors struggle with aching backs.  Back aches are especially common in office workers who remain seated for the biggest part of the day.  The sitting position and inadequate chairs can cause severe back pain and in high stress situations your back muscles are very likely to tense up which can be extremely painful.  

It isn’t always possible for office workers to get more movement but you can still improve your seating so your back won’t ache as much by simply investing in a heated lumbar support for office chair.  

These chair supports or pillows are specially designed to improve your posture while sitting and they come in a huge variety of styles and designs.  Some of these cushions are simply designed to offer more back support while others can be heated and some can even massage your back to relieve pain and tension while you sit.  

These support pillows are perfect for those who struggle with constant back pains because the cushions are usually portable and can easily be used on just about any type of chair. 

Using heated lumbar support regularly can offer you lots of positive health benefits and will definitely change the way you feel. 

What Are The Health Benefits Of Heated Lumbar Support?

Health Benefits Of Heated Lumbar Support

These back support pillows are loved by many who use them mainly because they offer so many positive benefits.  Here is a quick look at the main health benefits of using lumbar support cushions with heat technology; 

More support for your backbone 

These support pillows are specially shaped to enhance sitting comfort while you work.  They adapt to the shape of your body and assists in straightening the spine.  It is a good support for improving your posture and for comforting your back.  

Relaxes tired muscles 

Slouching for long durations increases the work load on your back.  This can manifest into muscle fatigue.  Stress also causes muscles to spasm.  These pillows are terrific for soothing tension out of your back muscles. 

Pain relief 

This is probably the best benefit of using lumbar back support.  The pillows are terrific for relieving pain.  The warmth is superb for soothing a sore back on chilly winter days and massaging pillows can also remove tension that causes pain.  

Keeps you warm in winter 

Another great benefit of heated back pillows is that they will keep you nice and cozy even if your office is cold. 

They are portable 

These pillows can be taken anywhere and many can also be used inside a vehicle while you drive. 

They are affordable 

Lumbar support pillows are affordable and can save you a lot of money on pain killers and medical treatments. 

The 3 Best heated lumbar support for office chair on the market

There are many different types of lumbar support cushions on the market.  They vary in design and style and can be quite different in size.  In this product review, we are going to compare the top 3 that you can buy right now.  The three we selected offer great comfort and will keep your back nice and warm while you work. 

The Drive Medical Comfort Touch Heated Lumbar Support Cushion

This cushion by Drive Medical is our budget-friendly pick.  The support pillow has a soft grey cover that offers a luxurious feel.  It has the perfect shape to enhance your posture and it can be used with or without electricity on just about any type of chair.   

 This support cushion only functions on AC but you can choose to invest in an adapter if you would like to use it inside a vehicle.   The heat generated by this pillow is perfect for relieving back pain and tension.  It also switches off or on every 15 minutes to prevent you from overheating while you are using this pillow.   

The pillow is very light and portable.  It has a back strap so you can easily fasten it to your office chair and the soft velour cover is removable for easy machine washing.


The Chincom Shiatsu Back Massager cushion with heat

This pillow by Chincom is our top pick for office workers who also want to use their pillows for driving.  The black cushion is sleek and slim in design which makes it practical for use in any car or office chair. 

It is a true blessing for your back because it doesn’t just correct your posture and warm your back, the pillow can also massage your muscles.  It functions with shiatsu kneading technology and has 4 different knead modes.  The pillow switches off automatically after 15 minutes to protect it from overheating. 

It can be used anywhere you have access to electricity and is also suited for use inside a vehicle while you drive.  Included with this cushion you will also find an adaptor and vehicle charger so you can use this cushion with great ease. 


The Shiatsu Lumbar Support Massage Cushion with Heat

This pillow is ideal for office workers who love to tag their pillows along when they leave work. The pillow is fitted with handlebars so you can easily carry it.  

It fits inside most office chairs and can heat your back or apply massaging to help relieve back tension.  The pillow is programmed with shiatsu massage and has 12 modes that can be set to work in different directions.   

The cushion can be used anywhere you have access to electricity but it is not recommended for vehicle use since the design isn’t suited for vehicle seats.  You can, however, use it in a vehicle if you invest in an adaptor or vehicle charger.



All three of these pillows are good picks if you need proper pain relief.  If you have a hard time choosing the best then perhaps the following advice can help you decide;   

The Drive Medical pillow is the most affordable and as such is the budget-friendly solution.

The Chincom Shiatsu Back Massager pillow is more ideal for vehicles and office chairs where the Shiatsu Lumbar Support Massage Cushion is a better pick for travelers who want to use their pillows in the office and at home.   

We hope that this guide helped you find a good pillow to reduce back pain and change the way you feel.  And if you are looking for other great products to buy then we welcome you to have a look at some of our other reviews and product comparisons where we compare all the best products

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