Best 17 Inch Laptop Under 500 – Jun 2024

Laptops were a huge hit the moment they were released on the market because they make it possible and easy to work anywhere.  The battery life of a laptop allows you to continue working even without an energy source.  

Many people love to take their laptops along on trips and enjoy working at odd locations like coffee shops and more.   

This is the perfect solution for any entrepreneur or student that might need to do some work while traveling or journeying.  

There are many different types and sized laptops available on the market.  Some brands are more popular than others and all brands feature laptops in different sizes and feature ranges.  

Many people prefer a 17-inch laptop because these laptops are easier to work on, they can be used for streaming movies and series and the keypads on these laptops are better suited for fast typing.  

If you are looking for Best 17 Inch Laptop under 500 then you are in luck because in this guide we are comparing the top three 17” basic laptops to buy right now.

The 3 Best 17 Inch Laptop under 500 to Get Right Now

There are quite a few superb laptop brands on the market.  Some of these brands like HP cater for the general market and have quite a few different types available under $500.  Others like Lenovo cater to a higher market and they don’t have too many baseline laptops at affordable prices.  

People have a tendency to prefer certain brands over others.  Some love HP because they are so affordable, others prefer Asus because they offer high tech at affordable prices and some prefer to buy Lenovo because of this brand’s ability to produce laptops that are highly efficient and very fast.  

In this guide, we tried to focus on various brands and we compared the top three 17” laptops under $500 that we could find.  Here is a quick look at our best picks that you can consider if you need an affordable basic laptop.

The Asus Vivobook F705MA 17.3” Laptop


This is a good laptop if you are shopping on a tight budget.  This laptop has a large 17.3” screen with an 1600 x 900-pixel rating. The LCD offers clear but moderate visuals.       

The laptop has sufficient storage.  It is fitted with 8GB memory as well as a 1 terabyte hard drive.  It is a fast laptop since it runs via DDR4 ram and has a 2.7 GHz CPU speed.  A Windows 10 Home operating system is also included with the laptop.  

It features various USB ports including one high-speed port.  The laptop also has an HDMI, LAN and SDXC port and has a card reader built into the front.  

Overall it is a good laptop especially if you consider its price tag.  This laptop is no gamers laptop but it is a good entry-level product for those who need something basic to work with.

The 2019 HP 17.3” HD + Flagship Laptop


This laptop is a bit pricier yet still affordable.  This HP laptop has a large 17.3” HD screen with an 1600 x 900-pixel rating.  

It isn’t the fastest laptop since it is fitted with a 1.6 GHz processor but it does run via DDR4 which makes it sufficient for basic use.  It can also be upgraded to up to 3.9GHz if you would like to increase the speed of the laptop.  

The laptop has a large 8GB memory with a 256GB hard disk.  It also features one high speed 3.2 USB and two normal 2.0 USB ports as well as a speaker/microphone port, HDMI and RJ-45 ports and it has a Micro SD card reader.  

A Windows 10 Home operating system is also included with the deal so you can get right to work the moment you buy this laptop.  

This laptop is not suited for gaming but it is a great overall laptop if you need something affordable and basic to work with.

The 2019 Lenovo L340 17.3” Laptop

The 2019 Lenovo L340 17.3" Laptop


This laptop is a bit over our price range but well worth the extra pennies you spend.  Many of its buyers claim that it performs terrific.  

It has a large 17.3” screen with an 1400 x 900-pixel rating.  The laptop has lots of space with its 8GB memory and 1TB hard drive.  

It is also nice and fast thanks to a 2.1 GHz CPU and DDR4 Ram.  The CPU can also be upgraded up to 3.9GHz should you desire a faster laptop.  

The laptop runs via Windows 10 Home operating system and it features two USB ports, an HDMI port as well as headphones or microphone port. 

The beautiful silver color offers a modern look and even though this is a large laptop, its slim design and lightweight make it easy to carry with you as you journey.  

This laptop by the quality Lenovo brand is a worthy investment if you need something basic and to use for work.


Any of these three laptops are good picks if you need a basic laptop with a nice and large screen.  

We feel strongly that the Asus Vivobook is the budget-friendly solution since it is the most affordable yet has the fastest CPU.  

The 2019 HP laptop is a bit pricier and doesn’t have a very fast CPU but can be upgraded with ease.  

Between these two, customers feel that the HP might operate better but price and size-wise, we feel that the Asus might be the better pick of the two.   

The 2019 Lenovo is a bit more expensive but excels in terms of performance.  It has a fast CPU that can be upgraded with great ease.  

This laptop has all the basics you need including lots of memory. The only downside is the lack of traditional keyboard arrows on the laptop.  

These laptops are not good buys if you are looking for a high-performance laptop suited for gaming or for large programs like design apps.  They are good picks for students and others who might need a basic yet good laptop that can perform most common duties such as word processing, run basic programs and streaming and music.  

We hope that this guide helped you find the best laptop so you can get to work with ease.  

And if you are looking for other great products to buy then we welcome you to have a look at some of our other buyer’s guides and product reviews.   

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