BenQ GL2760H Review

BenQ GL2760H Review - Quick Verdict

The BenQ GL2760H is an affordable 1080p monitor that comes with all the features you’d expect in a budget display. The performance of this display is pretty impressive when it comes to media consumption and gaming. Inspite of the occasial color shifting due to the TN panel, the monitor delivers a excellent colors when viewed head on. 

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Value for Money

It might be a serious challenge to find affordable monitors that offer you a good performance and reliable durability. The BenQ GL2760H comes in as n super affordable display that comes with all the basics covered.

It is important to note that this is a Twisted Nematic display but offers a faster response and low input lag. Many users have addressed this product as a reliable companion, especially for the price we’re paying. But how good of a choice will this one be for you? Let’s find out in the full BenQ GL2760H review below.


The BenQ GL2760H comes with a glossy black front and a sporty matte black back. At first look, you will get a good feeling about this display. Though the materials are primarily plastic, they are a lot sturdier than usual plastics we see in monitors.

The monitor is 2.1 inches thick at the thickest point. The bezels are 0.6 inches in thickness which is a bit extra, in our opinion. Since the bezels are black, they do not interfere with our viewing experience. Any other color would have been a different experience.

You can adjust the monitor 5 degrees to the back and 20 degrees to the front. Unfortunately, you can’t swivel, pivot, or adjust the height of this monitor.

The stand is made of aluminum and is a solid one. Even when you move the monitor around, there is very little wobbling, which is a good thing. The monitor weighs around 11 pounds which makes it easier to move it around.

BenQ GL2760H Specs and Performance

Behind the right bezel, we find the buttons for functions and power. When you press any button, you get the on-screen menu and you can navigate it with ease. Going through the menu will allow you to adjust the brightness, contrast, sharpness, gamma, hue, saturation, color temperature, and other settings.

You get around eight preset modes including Standard, Movie, Sports, sRGB, and others.

Let’s talk the specs that really matter. The BenQ GL2760H is a 27-inch monitor that comes with a full HD resolution. 1080p resolution is good enough for a monitor this big, especially in this price range. What’s more important is the fact that the monitor should produce decent colors.

There is a decent amount of color accuracy in the display. The monitor does a neat job when it deals with lighter shades of gray. But when it tries to display darker shades fo gray, they turn out black which is not ideal. Even with other colors like green and red, the accuracy is off by a good margin.

We can blame the TN panel for this issue, but that is what keeps this display at this low price. Due to the nature of the TN panel, you do experience some color shifting when you’re not exactly at the front. There is a blue-ish hue when viewed from the top and a reddish hue when viewing white from the bottom.

The monitor has a maximum brightness of 300 nits. While there are monitors that can comfortably go as high as 500 nits, this one does it without causing a hole in your pocket. Though the monitor doesn’t win any awards in the color accuracy department, the dynamic contrast ratio of 12000000:1 does help the cause a bit.

benq gl2760h specs

Other Features

The anti-glare coating is not the best but it does prevent most of the glare. If you work in a well-illuminated place, then this feature will come in super handy.

The response time of 2ms comes in handy. You get smoother gameplay with this response time which is pretty neat when you’re a gamer. There is very little stutter when dealing with games. Not a lot of people prefer low-end monitors like this for gaming, but if you’re really tight on budget, then this one might end up surprising you.

The other important feature that usually gets brushed under the rug is the presence of a blue light filter. You can turn on the blue light filter to reduce the amount of blue light that emitted from the screen. When you sit in front of the screen for a long time, this feature can make a pretty good impact on your computing lifestyle.

To put it simply, the BenQ GL2760H is a good fit for simple home usage. You can enjoy watching Netflix on this display without any issues. If you are a gamer, you will have a good time. The monitor may not be a good fit for people who edit photos and videos but that’s what you get for the price.


The BenQ GL2760H comes with a good selection of ports for connectivity. There is a VGA port, an HDMI port, and also a DVI port that help you to connect with desktops and other devices. With the help of the HDMI port, you can easily connect this to your desktop as a secondary monitor if that’s your grind. There is also a couple of USB 2.0 ports and an audio line-out jack as well.


The BenQ GL2760H is a modern-looking modern that comes at an affordable price. The dynamic contrast ratio is excellent, and the anti-glare feature definitely helps in a bright workspace. If you’re someone who wants a simple yet feature-rich display, then the BenQ GL2760H is a pretty good one to settle on. Recommended for people on a budget.

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