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The BenQ GL2460BH is a 24″ 1080p gaming monitor that comes with a super budget price tag. The display is excellent with accurate colors. While the 75Hz refresh rate isn’t as good, the 1ms response time makes up for it. In the world of 4k gaming monitors, this 1080p budget gaming display for BenQ shines, and for all the good reasons.

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In this BenQ GL2460BH review, we are taking a look at this new super-budget gaming monitor from BenQ. The monitor is a simple 1080p monitor that comes with an array of nice features. But the most important element of them all is the price which just under $145.

Who is the BenQ GL2460BH for? If you are someone who is on a shoestring budget, then we are not sure if you can find a gaming monitor at a price range lower than this. How good is the performance? How does the monitor fit in ergonomically? We have answers for these and more burning questions in the full review below.


Let’s talk about the first impression. The BenQ GL2460BH is not a stunning monitor by any means. It comes with a plastic build which is not that premium looking. It is soft touch plastic which is not that bad, to be honest.

The stand is made up of aluminum. The stem has a bit of curve to it, and the base is sturdy. The stand has a glossy finish which gives it a premium look. It will be interesting to see how this ages as glossy finishes are that great over time.

Unlike other monitors, the backside of the display is pretty neat. They have given the back side a nice touch with carbon fiber and looks smart. The ports are found on the back, but the positioning is not that messy. You can also see the buttons for the onscreen menu on the back as well.

Another nice improvement is the lack of a power LED on the front face. A lot of people, including yours truly, are not fans of an LED glowing at your face when the monitor is on. BenQ has made a wise choice in this regard. It may seem like a minor thing, but once you get used to this, there is no going back.

Can I mount this thing on my wall, you ask? The BenQ GL2460BH comes with VESA mount compatibility so you can install this monitor on the wall without any issues. Overall, this is a well-designed budget monitor for gaming.

Features and Performance

Let’s talk about the basic details and get them out of the way. The BenQ GL2460BH is a 24-inch 1080p monitor that comes with a native aspect ratio of 16:9. The bezels are not that big for a budget monitor and are not intrusive when consuming content on the display.

The panel we have here is a twisted nematic (TB) one. This panel is a decent one but is nowhere as good as an IPS panel. As a result, the viewing angles of this display can’t be compared with that of the IPS panels. That is not to say that this monitor is terrible. There is some slight loss of color accuracy when viewed from across the room.

The monitor comes with a maximum brightness of 250 nits. Since we are going to using this monitor only inside the house, this brightness is not that bad. But some monitors have a brightness 400 nits and more, but they aren’t this cheap.

There is also an ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the display according to the ambient light. If you are in a bright environment, the brightness of the display will increase automatically. If you are in a dark room, then the intensity will go down so it won’t hurt your eyes.

The BenQ GL2460BH has a native contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a dynamic contrast ratio of 12000000:1. With this contrast ratio, you get some really good color representation. The whites are bright, and the blacks are deep too.

The monitor has a PPI of 92 which is not that great. If you are at a certain distance away from the monitor, you won’t notice anything. Getting closer will surely put some pixels in your eyes. Some people have also mentioned that there is a bit of light bleed at full brightness.

BenQ GL2460BH monitor

The BenQ GL2460BH comes with a refresh rate of 75Hz which is possible when you use an HDMI cable. If not, the refresh rate of the display is set to 60Hz. While this is not as good as 144Hz, we should remember that this is a budget monitor after all.

The 1ms GTG response time is also pretty impressive. This response time makes sure that there is very little ghosting or motion blur effects when playing games.

The built-in speakers work as advertised. They aren’t great, but they are good enough if you are a casual gamer. You can also get some quality headphones as there is a headphone jack you can make use of.

The ‘low blue light’ setting is a godsend for anyone who does a lot of reading. This setting reduces the blue light emission that is harmful to your eyes. There is also a flicker-free technology that reduces flickers. Both these features enhance the viewing experience considerably.

The BenQ GL2460BH also comes with a bunch of connectivity options as well. We have a DVI port, a D-sub port, and even an HDMI port. While you can use other options, you have to use the HDMI port to get the advertised 75Hz refresh rate which is a minor disappointment.

BenQ GL2460BH Review – Our Verdict

The BenQ GL2460BH gaming monitor comes with a cheap price tag. But that does not stop it from becoming a handy gaming monitor for those who are on a budget. With features like low blue light mode and flicker-free technology, this monitor looks after your eye’s health as well. A good option for gamers who want a gaming monitor that is affordable and worth it.

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