ASUS ROG Strix GL12CX-XB991 Review

ASUS ROG Strix GL12CX-XB991 Review - Quick Verdict

The ASUS ROG Strix GL12CX-XB991 is an impressive gaming PC goes all out in terms of specs and gives you a hefty price tag. The desktop is a beast when it comes to processing power and handles even heavy applications without lifting a finger. When it comes to gaming, you can play any game with ultra settings giving you the best gaming experience there is. If you’re a serious gamer who doesn’t mind the steep price tag, then this one can take you to the gaming paradise.

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If you’re looking for the best high-end gaming PC there is, then you’re in the right place. The ASUS ROG Strix GL12CX-XB991 is a super high-end gaming desktop that comes with all the stuff you need for an unparalleled gaming experience. This is the kind of machine you want by your side when you’re a competitive gamer.

In this ASUS ROG Strix GL12CX-XB991 review, we take a good look at this expensive gaming machine and see how it does when it comes to real-life performance. This desktop is so expensive it is only suited for hardcore gamers who play competitively or for gamers who only want the best. Is this gaming PC worth the expensive price tag? Read the review and find that out.


The first impression of this ASUS ROG Strix GL12CX-XB991 model is just brilliant. We can easily say that this is the best designed ROG desktop yet. The desktop comes in a nice black color with a design that is sporty, stylish and screams gaming. There are a couple of RGB accents on the front face that can be customized to match your style.

The front face is very attractive and even the vents are designed with a nice stylish look. On the top, you get a couple of USB 3.0 port, a couple of USB 2.0 ports, an SD card reader, and also a headphone jack. Having these available in the front in a nice advantage to the user as you don’t have to reach the back to use the ports.

ASUS ROG Strix GL12CX-XB991 desktop review

While the front face of the desktop gets your attention, the left side of the desktop retains it. We have a transparent glass window on the left through which you can have a look at the internals of the desktop. You can customize the look of your desktop by changing the colors inside. 

The cooling system is one of the most important parts of any gaming PC. Here we have a liquid cooling system that is set to cool the processor and the GPU. You also have fans that blow the hot air out of the desktop. There are vents all over the place to facilitate the outflow of hot air.

The keyboard we have here is a mechanical keyboard and is a pleasure to type on. The keyboard comes with a dedicated number pad which is a nice thing to have. The keys have excellent key travel and you can type on it for hours without feeling any pain in your fingers. 

There are four RGB zones on the keyboard that can be customized to your needs. The palm rest is bigger than usual and gives you all the space to have a comfortable typing experience. You can also find extra buttons that’ll come in handy as well. The gaming mouse we get is nice and is more than enough for your gaming needs.

ASUS ROG Strix GL12CX-XB991 Specs

The ASUS ROG Strix GL12CX-XB991 comes with no lack of processing power. We have an Intel Core i9 9900K processor which is probably the best processor out there. This is an octa-core processor that comes with a base clock speed of 3.6GHz and can be clocked to a maximum of 5.0GHz. With a cache memory of 16MB, you can handle huge office docs without any problems.

The desktop gets an excellent CPUMark benchmark score of 20216 which talks about the processor power of this device. The PC blows through your everyday routine without any issues. If you’re a heavy user, you can run all your resource-hungry applications on this desktop, thanks to the sheer processing power of this Intel chip.

The memory department is no slouch when compared to the processor. The ASUS ROG Strix GL12CX-XB991 comes with 32 gigs of DDR4 RAM. This RAM is a treat for those who love to multitask and the good news is that you can upgrade this RAM to a maximum of 128 gigs. Running multiple applications side by side is no problem, thanks to the DDR4 memory.

To top things in the hardware department, we have a 1TB solid-state drive. This is a solid (no pun intended) SSD that comes with excellent read and write speeds. The desktop boots up in a few seconds and the same can be said for games and other applications as well. The SSD comes with the latest version of Windows 10 Home which offers excellent support for gaming.

Gaming on the ASUS ROG Strix GL12CX-XB991

Being a gaming desktop, whether this one succeeds or fails is entirely dependent on the gaming ability of this machine. The graphics card we have here is an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti that comes with a dedicated memory of 11GB. This is the fastest consumer graphics card out there for gaming and is not rated number one.

The GPU is based on Pascal architecture and comes with support for Deep Learning Super Sampling and Real-Time Ray Tracing. The graphics card offers excellent gaming performance and works like a charm even with the latest AAA titles. You can play any game with this GPU at ultra settings without any issues.

The following are some of the games played in ultra settings and their respective frame rates.

  • F1 2019 – 176 FPS
  • Rage 2 – 164 FPS
  • Anno 1800 – 58 FPS
  • Division 2 – 133 FPS
  • Dirt Rally 2.0 – 192 FPS
  • Anthem – 125 FPS
  • Far Cry New Dawn – 109 FPS
  • Apex Legends – 144 FPS 
  • Fortnite – 235 FPS
  • Battlefield V – 190 FPS

As you can see from the numbers above, you can get a dreamy gaming performance from the ASUS ROG Strix GL12CX-XB991 gaming desktop and that’s mainly because of the RTX 2080 Ti GPU.


ASUS ROG Strix GL12CX-XB991 gaming PC review

The ASUS ROG Strix GL12CX-XB991 comes with a lot of connectivity options. We’ve already seen the ports available on the front side of the desktop. At the back, we have 6 USB 3.1 gen A ports, a couple of USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port, Display ports, and an Ethernet port as well. 

The desktop comes with support for WiFi 802.11ac connectivity and Bluetooth 5.0 as well. With these wireless connectivities, you can easily remove any clutter from your computer table.


That brings us to the end of this ASUS ROG Strix GL12CX-XB991 review. This gaming desktop is a high-end gaming machine and you can justify its cost only if you’re a serious gamer. The everyday performance of this desktop is solid and the same can be said for the gaming experience as well. If you’re a competitive gamer or a hardcore gamer, then this is a gaming PC of your dreams.

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